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Need to do heavy work on temperatures? Taking multiple measurements? Recording temperature changes? Calculating temperature differences? And setting-up datalogging?

Let this smart logger help. 4 Temperatures at once and just calculations and Set-up in one touch! A0188598 combines Measuring, Alarming and Datalogging functions. Get the 4 Temperature just by plugging-in the 4 K-Type Thermocouples and get all the 4 readings displayed on screen.Temperature calculations can be done by pressing he button and over-range alarm with a beeper and LED light. Its house with panel set-up and SD-Card interface with unlimited memory. All standard K-Type thermocouple works. The A0188598 helps you work smarter!

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The Bosch GLR225 Laser Measure provides incredibly accurate long-distance measurements, up to 225 ft. at an accuracy of 1/16″, using Bosch’s Precision Laser Technology. Helping to remove imprecision, this laser measure can help operators such as masons, contractors and carpenters calculate areas, angles and more. It can also help users find indirect measurements, if a distance is blocked by an object.

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